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Things To Know About Thailand

Thailand TravelTen Things To Know About Visiting Thailand Before you travel to Thailand, there are a few things to know about Thailand. Thailand has a rich and varied culture, and its people are noted for being warm, friendly and personable – it’s not called “the land of smiles” for nothing! But […]

Etiquette in Thailand Cinemas

Etiquette in Thailand Cinemas – Standing in Thailand Movie Theatres

Thailand TravelEtiquette in Thailand Cinemas There is an Etiquette in Thailand Cinemas before the movie starts. If you have ever been to watch a movie in Thailand you will know what we mean. If you have not, here is a tip. When you see everyone in the cinema stand up, make […]

Roadside Gasoline in Thailand

Roadside Bottled Gasoline and Petrol in Thailand

Thailand TravelRoadside Gasoline in Thailand Roadside gasoline can come in very handy. Petrol or Gas stations are not that easy to find in some areas. While travelling around Thailand it is recommended to fill your vehicle up before heading out. If you get caught out, then luckily some local people […]

Things to do around Phuket

Top 10 Things To Do Around Phuket

Thailand TravelTop 10 Things To Do Around Phuket These are some of the top ten things to do around Phuket. Of course there are many things to do but these are some popular ones. You will need to travel to get to these places but most of the tours include […]

Walking Street Pattaya Bars

Pattaya Bars in Walking Street in Pattaya – Thailand

Thailand TravelPattaya Bars Pattaya is famous for its beer bars, staffed by “bar girls” who are “for hire” to the tourists and ex-pats who drink there. There are over 1000 bars around Pattaya to cater for all tastes and budgets. From small outdoor beer bars in complexes to indoor “shop […]

Makha Bucha Day in Thailand

Makha Bucha Day

Thailand TravelMakha Bucha Day in Thailand Makha Bucha Day is observed by Thai, Lao, and Cambodian Buddhists Type Buddhist 2012 date 7 March (Thailand) Māgha Pūjā or Makha Bucha is an important Buddhist festival celebrated in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. Makha Bucha Day is for the veneration of Buddha and […]

Thailand Visa and Entry Information

Thailand Visa and Entry Information – Visa Runs and Visa Extentions

Thailand TravelThailand Visa and Entry Information Thailand Visa and Entry Information changes a lot. It is always best to contact the Thai Embassy in your country or the closest country to you. For more advanced Visas such as Working Visas and Retirement Visas, it is always best to contact your […]

What To See in Bangkok

Top 10 Things To See In Bangkok – Thailand

Thailand TravelQuick Guide Of Things To See In Bangkok Wondering what to do in Bangkok? Below is a list of the top ten things to see in Bangkok, even if you are visiting for a day or two. If you are in Bangkok for a week or two, then  you […]

159 Baht All You Can Eat

179 Baht All You Can Eat on Koh Samui on Chaweng Lake – Thailand

Thailand TravelAll You Can Eat on Koh Samui If you are looking for a place where it is  all you can eat on Koh Samui, then this place on Chaweng Lake is for you. As of March 2017. The price went from 159 baht to 179 baht.   Around Koh […]

Thailand Travel Tips

Thailand Travel Tips

Thailand TravelThailand Travel Tips Booking your Thailand Holiday can be fairly hectic especially during the familiar holiday times, so here are some Thailand Travel Tips. This is the main time when people travel to see family and friends or to take a well deserved break. If you follow some simple […]