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Some Thailand Holiday Tips

 A Few Thailand Holiday Tips

Whenever you travel you should take out full insurance coverage in case the worst happens.

Do not overstay your visa. The current fine is five hundred baht per day – and with no maximum this can add up very quickly.



If you get into any sort of trouble that you cannot work out, instantly phone your embassy – they could seem a bit annoyed but they’re paid to be there for you and assist you in any means they can.

The legal system is extremely complicated and really slow, so by no means take into account by going to the law until completely necessary. In the event you have an issue take advice from your embassy or from someone you know and trust and who knows the country and area well.
Attorneys and the police are a last resort. Probably not what you want to hear but true.

Stick to well-recognised manufacturers of bottled water. Tap water shouldn’t be drank from the tap although it’s said to be safe for brushing your teeth with. Do not forget that ice, except in top notch outlets, is mostly not comprised of bottled water. Always ask the bar person if the ice is made from bottled water. The main tourist areas have bottled water for their ice.

Tipping is, as virtually in every single place, a difficult subject. Large hotels and restaurants usually add 10% to the bill, plus the VAT (Government tax), so that you only want to add a tip when you have obtained exceptional service or if you’re rich and famous. Small restaurants and street vendors do not add on a VAT or tip, so you should leave something little for them. It is up to you, but leaving the odd coin or small note for a meal and service that was pleasing will not hurt your hip pocket but will make them very happy.

If you are a sensible tourist you will find Thailand one of the most secure and most pleasant international locations within the world.


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Happy Travelling!!!