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Thailand Visa and Entry Information

 Thailand Visa and Entry Information

Information about Visas change a lot, so for more advanced Visas such as Working Visas and Retirement Visas please contact your local Thai Embassy. As it stands today for a normal tourist visa and if you are arriving through one of Thailand’s International  Airports you may enter Thailand for up to thirty days without obtaining a visa in advance from one of the Thai Embassies. If you are entering Thailand through a ‘land crossing” visa office, then there is a 15 day visa available for you.

This has changed in the past few years and may change back to 30 days. So you will need to check with the current Thai Visa conditions each time you travel, as visa information does change frequently.

A pre organised visa is required for longer stays or for travellers intending to work or to travel for other than tourism purposes in Thailand. Each country has different visa arrangements, so check with your local Thai Embassy. Be sure you organise Visa’s before entering the Kingdom of Thailand. You will need to visit your country’s Thai Embassy to obtain these visas. They cannot be obtained while you are in Thailand.

Passport and visa entry

To enter Thailand you also have to have at least 6 months left on your passport.You may be permitted if you are only staying for 30 days but it is a bit risky. It would be a bad experience if you flew all the way to Thailand and was sent back home because your passport was not up to date. Once you are in Thailand you can get extensions to your visa by visiting an immigration Office  but it will not be for too long. If you want to apply for a Non Tourist Visa then this will have to be done before you enter Thailand, they cannot be done at the local Immigration Office. So make sure you call your countries Thailand Embassy before you leave and make sure you obtain the proper visas and entry permits.

Do not overstay your visa as you will be issued with a large fine and your passport could be confiscated until your fine is paid. It is a serious offence for you visa to run out and they do not take silly excuses as reasons of overstaying your visa. If you think you are going to overstay your visa then contact an Immigration Office in Thailand and they can extend it for a few weeks. The fine for overstaying your visa can be up to 500 baht per day, and depending on how long your overstay then you can expect to pay up to a maximum of 20,000 baht. If you have overstayed you visa you may also be may be imprisoned but this is rare. After the fines have been paid you will be deported and placed on an immigration blacklist to prevent you from returning.

Avoid getting dodgy or cheap visa extensions, as they may stamp your passport with fake or illegally obtained exit and entry stamps. There are people that have a passport syndicate where they send a whole heap of passports to another countries Thai Embassy and obtain a stamp that way but this is risky and you could be ripped off and then  be held up at the airport on your departure. Travellers with illegal stamps in their passports can be arrested and then jailed for up to 10 years. So go through the right channels and you will not have a problem.


Happy Travelling!