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Chiang Mai is the main city located in the North of Thailand and is located around 700 km’s north west of Bangkok. It is a place well known for its temples as there are more than 300 temples in the area (121 just in and around the municipal limits), which is the same number as in Bangkok. So if you want to experience a different type of Thailand, head north of Bangkok, it is worth the trip.

The Thai people love their northern city as it is surrounded by mountains giving this area a different vista and climate to what you get along the beaches and coasts.

Chiang Mai is a great place to visit and you will not be sorry that your did.

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We have put some Chiang Mai Tours together for you, so you can plan your trip before you arrive or you can search while you are in Chiang Mai and organise a tour for during your holiday. Even though we have some elephant tours listed we do not endorse these tours as some of the operators are cruel to their animals but because of public awareness, they are getting better.