High Park Koh Samui

High Park Samui – A Perfect Place to Have Fun Full Day Pool Party

If you are looking for Things To Do On Koh Samui, then the High Park Koh Samui should already be on your list.

High Park is located in Chaweng – Koh Samui – Thailand and highly recommended place for the water sports and fun activities.

It is famous for enjoying the extreme water activities and offers fun & excitement to the visitors around the world.

The combination of location and environment is enough to engage visitors with their inner peace.

Numerous activities and our resort make the place more convenient for the visitors to have fun and stay inside the High Park.

It’s a place where you can spend a full day enjoying several activities and a complete relaxation from a standard life.

The whole high park is designed for the water activities lovers and for those who need a break from ordinary life and to enjoy some relaxation.


High Park Samui


Things to Do in High Park Koh Samui

More extra-ordinary than other parks.

Slide and Fly Water Activities: Fight with Your Fear

Two big slides in High Park are the main attractions and visitors spend hours, fighting with the fear and to tackle it.

The water slides are 15 m high and 31 m long.

You can get to speeds up to 40-45 km/h.

The 31m slide enables the slider to take a jump of the height of a coconut tree and then plunge into the 4m deep pool.

It’s the only slide on Koh Samui that reduces the fear of visitors and fills the courage in your mind to do more adventure activities.

Don’t want to take such extreme slide?

Another slide (15m) is available there too where you only slide and plunge into the pool.

It reduces your height fear and once it’s gone; you are ready to take a jump and then plunge into a pool.



Beach Bar

High Park is famous for its beach bar, where numerous types of beers, soft drinks and cocktail are available to wet your throat and feel you relaxed.

Delicious Thai food and famous dishes from various countries are ready to be served and fuel up your energy.

Fresh coconut water & fruit platters are also there and all at affordable prices.


High Park Samui - Beach Bar



Full Day Pool and Foam Party with DJ

Are you a party animal?

The full-day party at High Park is a must visit place for you.

Beside the infinity pool; you can enjoy the full day pool party where internationally famous DJs play the music and provoke you to dance on the floor with your beloved one and friends.

Yes, you can enjoy your favorite cocktail too.

The full day foam party is gaining popularity among youngsters.

Rolling on the foam, putting the foam on each other and sitting on the bean bag while having your favourite cocktail

The DJs play party music beats too. What else do you need to have fun with friends at a party?


High Park Samui - Foam Party




High Park is going to open a resort soon where all amenities will be available soon, so visitors can stay overnight.

It’s perfect accommodation for visitors who want to spend a day and night with their beloved ones.

Every room is totally air-conditioned, comfy bed and fitted with the HD TV.

The bathroom in the room is equipped with a shower, sanitary items, baby sittings and much more.


High Park Samui - Resort



Infinity Pool

To see the natural scenery of Chaweng and panoramic views; Infinity pool is the best place in High Park.

Tired of slide and fly activities; get relaxed at the infinity pool.

You can swim in the pool, sit on the edge of a pool with your legs in the water and enjoy the romantic music with your partner and drink the cocktail of your choice.

For visitors’ comfort, bean bags and lounge chairs are specially arranged to lie down and feel relaxed.

To take a perfect selfie with exotic views in the background; infinity pool is a right place.

Take selfies and upload on your social media profile and increase the number of followers.


High Park Samui - Infinity Pool



Full Night Parties

After enjoying the full day parties and extreme water adventure activities; it’s time to take participant in the night Parties.

The half moon party and full moon festival both are famous among the nightlife lovers.

The whole night is yours to have fun with your friends, dance like no one watching; drink cocktails and beers without any interference and  enjoy ’til morning.

Forget all your sorrows and tension; lose your body and dance on the soft sand anyway you want.



High Park Koh Samui is Famous as:

  • The place for the water activities
  • Most popular beach bar
  • A complete relaxation place
  • Blend of resort and waterpark



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