Mistakes To Avoid When Holidaying

A holiday is a time to relax, see something different and enjoy time away from work.

The problem, when traveling overseas, is that most people lack the experience and know-how to avoid making silly and sometimes costly errors.

So here are some mistakes to avoid when holidaying in Thailand


Having An Over Ambitious Itinerary

Do not plan every second of every day for your Thailand holiday.

This will leave you stressed out if you miss the bus or train to your destination.

Be flexible with your travel arrangements and allow for weather, traffic and other things that are outside of your control.

Do not try and see the whole country in one visit, rather pick one location a day and enjoy that area to the fullest.



Over Packing

What will the weather do, will there be rain, snow, sunshine?

All these questions lead you to over-packing your bags. Some tips on over packing mistakes to avoid when holidaying

Over-packing is bad for three reasons:

  1. Excess luggage will cost more to fly with;
  2. The more baggage you have, the more you have to lug around with you;
  3. We all want to buy interesting souvenirs from our trip – over-packing prohibits you from buying these goods.


Mistakes To Avoid When Holidaying


Forgetting the Budget

The problem we have on holiday is that the budget goes out the window.

We see interesting things and our brain goes into ‘buy everything’ mode.

Ensure that you work on a budget.

It will enable you to visit all the sites you want to see and ensure that you do not run out of money halfway through your travels.



Double Check Your Passports and Other Documents.

Before setting off for the airport, double check your passport, other documents and reservations are correctly booked.

Always verify the times and locations, and make sure that they are scheduled correctly.

Remember to allow for delays and check that your personal details are correctly captured by the relevant parties (airline tickets, Thailand hotel reservations, etc).

With technology nowadays it is easy to keep a copy of your documents by taking a photo of them.

You can then store them in your phone or in a Dropbox or any other online storage 


Avoid Carrying Excessive Amounts Of Cash

When traveling avoid carrying all your money in cash.

While you do need some for bus/taxi fares, carry money in travellers checks/cheques and on credit cards.

Remember to never carry all your money with you, as if it is stolen or something happens, you will be stranded in a foreign country with no money.

Thai Baht Currency



When traveling on holiday, these are the five common mistakes to avoid when holidaying.

Remember: take your time, do not over-pack, budget properly, double check all bookings and carry a limited amount of money on you at all times.



About The Author
Greg recently stayed at a four star hotel accommodation in Cape Town and found it suited his every needs.





Happy Travelling!!