Family Travel Packing Tips

No matter where you’re going or why, Thailand travel is always a bit stressful and hectic, so here are some family travel packing tips.

Between airports, Thailand hotels, foreign languages, currency conversions, strange cities, and unfamiliar local transport, there is a lot to consider, and much that can go wrong. 

But traveling with a family, especially young children, is an even bigger headache. 

Not only do parents have to navigate all the ordinary difficulties of traveling, they also have to cope with moody, energetic youngsters. 

So to help the overworked parents out there, keep their next journey stress-free and successful, here are some great packing tips, courtesy of wise child-wranglers from around the world.

Overloaded Suitcase


Clean, Efficient Family Travel

Children are messy.  So a well-stocked supply of wipes, nappies, towels, and cleaners is a necessity for any trip—long or short. 

A roll of Ziploc bags is great to have handy for dealing with soiled undie emergencies and to seal up smelly messes in a pinch. 

Labeled Ziplocs can also be used to separate outfits day-by-day, to ensure the kids have something to wear each day and make it easy on everyone. 

By pushing out the air and vacuum sealing the bags, you can also save room in your luggage.

Denture cleansers make a great compact cleaner when you’re on the go. 

Just dissolve one in a glass of water, drop in the fallen pacifier, dirty sippy cup lid, or baby spoon, and it is clean in 5 minutes.

It is also important to calculate beforehand how many wipes, diapers/nappies, snacks, and toiletries you’ll need for the trip. 

Then bring a few extras.  But don’t overpack with things you can always buy at your destination. 

When it comes to things like diapers/nappies and wipes, which you can buy almost everywhere, you only need to bring enough for the journey itself.

Family Travel Packing Tips


Make it a Learning Experience

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your trip a learning experience for the whole family. 

Assuming they are above toddler-age, give each youngster their own backpack or small suitcase to take charge of. 

Load it with simple non-necessities like playdough, a book, crayons, and a few snacks. 

Most kids will be proud to have the responsibility, and it will give them something to focus on and stay serious about.


Bring Less, Need Less, Stress Less

Over-packing is the quickest way to add unnecessary stress to your journey, particularly for those traveling by plane.  (If it is a road-trip, the situation is different). Some handy Family Travel Packing Tips will keep your luggage manageable.

Assuming there is plenty of room to sit, being over-prepared isn’t such a bad thing.)  Put importance on the things you’ll need for the journey itself, and keep in mind that most things can usually be obtained for about the same price at the destination. 

Also understand, and make the kids understand, that you can’t have (and don’t need) all the comforts of home while traveling. 

Learn to adapt to the situation and problem solve without getting stressed.  Nothing complicates a trip and slows you down like excess baggage.


A Happy Child is a Happy Journey

And not just for parents.  Anyone who has been on a long flight with a crying baby knows how disruptive an upset child can be in a confined space. 

It’s a great idea to bring a stock of small cheap toys. 

Keep them secret until the first signs of restlessness appear, then start giving them at half hour intervals to keep your child happy and occupied.

Ultimately, parents need not be intimidated by the prospect of taking family trips. 

The more often you can get the family out of the house, seeing the world, the better your children will be able to cope with change. 

In fact, traveling is a great way to teach your youngsters tolerance and mild manners, and it will make them more adaptable and flexible people. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean it is always easy. 

But by planning ahead, preparing for the unexpected, and using these creative travel tips, you will be paving the way to a fun and successful journey.  Best of luck!

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