Different Places to Visit in Bangkok

If you are going to Bangkok and you are wondering which places to visit in Bangkok will take your fancy, then we have suggested a few different places to visit to give you some Thailand and Bangkok experience.

In Bangkok, a block away from Chao Phraya River, Khao San Road is a small section of road that is a giant market.

The last 20 years have turned it into a great place for the backpackers to hangout.

It offers the cheapest accommodation that range from a hostel like dorm room style that start from $5 usd a night to 4 star hotels that can be snapped up for only $28usd .

Here you will also come across some local bars, food stalls as well as internet cafés and travel agencies.

A perfect place to stop in when touring around the Bangkok region and is the base for most backpackers.

Unfortunately the public transport to the area is really pathetic with traffic jams the order of the day.

The closest MRT station, the Bangkok subway is Hua Lamphong which is co-located with the upcountry train station.

Then you have to take a taxi from there. 

Khao San Road


Bangkok Flower Market

This is also the area you will find the huge Bangkok Flower Market which is now a tourist attraction in its own right.

The Flower Market is ranked among the other great places to visit in Bangkok.  

It is actually a wholesale flower market where florist all over Thailand buy or order their stock.

It is behind Chinatown and only a few kilometers from Khao San Road and serviced by the same subway station, Hua Lamphong.

Its local name is ‘Pak Klong Talad’, originally it was a floating flower market, however there is no sign of that now.

Most of flowers sold in the Bangkok Flower Market are only available in bulk, typically the smallest bunch of flowers would be 50 roses etc.

It is a 24/7 market and is actually busiest between midnight and 6am.

Bangkok Flower Market


Bangkok Canals

The Bangkok Klongs are a great place to see when in Bangkok. In Thailand, people try to get around using boats in narrow little water ways, which is what “klongs” means in Thai, canals.

This region used to be known as the Venice of the East, however today many have been filled in and replaced with roads. 

Everyone will still be able to see a floating market as you go down the Klong Damnoen Saduak or even take a small romantic ride through the canals to avoid the streets and the traffic of the city.

The long boats ferries hold about 100 people and are very cheap and run about every 10 minutes.

One of the busiest routes used today runs close to Central World in Siam, right in the heart of Bangkok.

Like the canals of Venice, these waterways allow locals to do their daily shopping, selling and transportation.

This is why it is rated as one of the best places to visit in Bangkok.

Bangkok Canals


Bangkok Silk

For Thai history buffs, the Jim Thompson House is important. The CIA operative helped to restore the silk industry when the World War II had come to a close.

This house served as the traditional Thai style home for his family as well.

The building was used as a base when he was building his silk company. 

The home sits across from a “Klong” in Bangkrua which is where the weavers would have been located.

You will need to take a guided tour through the home of Jim Thompson as well as other buildings.

Don’t be worried that you will not be able to understand what is being said, the tour is available in foreign languages.

You will find prices inflated here though, remember you are paying for the label.

Bangkok Thai Silk



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