Protecting Your Belongings At The Beach

We take a lot of things to the beach nowadays but protecting your belongings at the beach can be easy with a few steps.

There isn’t anything better than the sun beating down on a glorious beach.

Then again, there isn’t anything worse than finding that whilst you were enjoying yourself on the beach, someone has stolen your valuables.


At The Beach

We all feel relaxed when we are on the beach and it is easy to forget personal security.

When you’re having fun the last thing you want to worry about is keeping everything safe.

However, by paying attention to key management and ensuring items like wallets, phones, and MP3 players are kept safe, you can prevent them being stolen.

The problem is that it’s not just your technology which is at risk; even your accessories can fall foul of beach thieves.

Expensive sunglasses, a stylish jacket, or a pair of designer trainers are all equally tempting.

If you follow some simple tips you can take the worry out of visiting the beach.

You can then get on with what you came to do in the first place: relaxing and having fun.

We’ve got five ideas for you here which should help to keep those sticky little fingers at bay.

Phra Nang Beach, Railay Peninsula, Krabi


Take Only What You Need

A good first step is to take the bare minimum on the beach with you.

If you aren’t going to use it or need it then keep it in your hotel room or safe.

If you must leave things in the car, make sure they are placed out of sight in the glove box or locked boot.


Keep Your Bags And Belongings Close To You

It sounds obvious, but on a busy beach it only takes a moment with your back turned for someone to grab your valuables.

A quick walk to the edge of the water can be a real temptation but that is exactly what you’ll be giving a thief.

If you’re planning on having a nap then you can try an old camping trick: attach your bag to you!

Before you lie back to enjoy the sun, you just slip an arm or foot through the handle.

If anyone trying to access your possessions will have to wake you in the process.

Or buy a bag which you can clip onto your clothes, so you can’t possibly lose it!


Find Yourself A Guard

Protecting your belongings at the beach is a lot easier when there are a few of you.

It’s a great idea to get someone to act as look-out, especially if you are in a large group.

It’s also a good idea to have a plan for taking turns, as nobody wants to fall out on holiday.

Making sure someone stays with your belongings at all times means you’ll also ensure that no-one takes your spot on the beach.

Protecting Your Belongings At The Beach


Don’t Flash Your Cash

If you place a wallet or mobile phone on display then it will be guaranteed to attract attention.

Simply placing valuables under a towel will ensure you aren’t advertising to the world that you are open for business and have items worth stealing.

But don’t forget to pick them up again at the end of the day!



Watch Those Keys

Many Thailand hotels will charge you if your keys get lost.

Most hotel receptions have key drop off box. this gives you the option to keep your key safe at your hotel.

But if the keys you lose are for car, you’ll experience a real nightmare.

Find a key management solution that will keep them safe, out of sight, and well protected.

There are options from simply attaching them to a necklace, a bracelet, or part of your clothing, to special shoes which have secret compartments.


Just following these few sensible precautions will ensure that your annual holiday doesn’t turn in to a disaster.

Follow the tips above of protecting your belongings at the beach and  you should come back from the beach with everything you originally took.


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