Riding Motorbikes in Thailand

Riding motorbikes in Thailand can seem very daunting.

Mostly you see a small family with husband, wife and a few children on the one bike, getting around to do their family activities.

To a farang (foreigner) this seems very strange and dangerous, as laws in their own country only allows two people on the one motor bike.


Thai Police on a Motor Bike in Thailand


There are different laws around each areas of Thailand regarding motorbike.

I think that in Phitsanulok (where this photo was taken).

Their laws are very relaxed, as this is 6 Thai police officers on the one bike.

I’m not sure where they are going but it must have been something big to be on pursuit like this.

Maybe it was lunchtime and McDonalds was too far to walk. lol


Thailand Road Rules

The road rules in Thailand are a lot different than most countries.

In some cases it seems that there are no road rules at all.

Sometimes it is first there gets the right of way.

Europeans and Americans also find it a bit harder as they drive on the opposite side of the road.

In Thailand, you drive on the left side of the road.


Thailand Roundabouts

When riding motorbikes in Thailand, you most likely come to a roundabout.

The Thai people seem not to give way to the cars and motorbikes approaching from the right.

It just seems that the bigger the vehicle then they have the right of way.

So when riding motorbikes in Thailand, always approach with caution and give way to everyone.

That way you will be safe and everyone will be happy.



 Wearing MotorBike Helmets in Thailand.

MotorBike helmets are there for a reason.

Many people do not wear helmets when riding motor bikes.

This is probably why Thailand has the biggest road death rate in the world.

It is illegal to not wear a motorbike helmet when riding motor bikes in Thailand.

Police set up roadblocks and fine people if they are not wearing them.

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Happy Travelling!!!