Roadside Gasoline in Thailand

Roadside gasoline can come in very handy.

Petrol or Gas stations are not that easy to find in some areas.

While travelling around Thailand it is recommended to fill your vehicle up before heading out.

If you get caught out, then luckily some local people have found a simple way to help you.

What may seem strange or dangerous (especially in the heat) they sell gasoline in used bottles.

Some are Fanta bottles, some even use old Sang Som (Thai Rum) bottles.


Roadside Bottled Gasoline and Petrol


You can spot these colourful and somewhat misleading displays in front of houses or small shops here and there.

There are two types of petrol sold.

A yellow and red type.

It doesn’t really matter which type you use, as it is just a different grade of petrol/gas.

Just make sure you fill up your vehicle with your requested petrol/gas at the large outlets.

It is recommended to purchase one bottle and head straight to a large petrol station or gas station.

That way, your tank may not be filled right up with old gasoline or petrol.


Thailand Tourist Areas

You will see roadside gasoline in the main tourist areas of Thailand.

Sometimes you may be lucky and you will find one before you run out of petrol.

If you do run out completely then finding a roadside gasoline shop may take you a while.

Always be prepared and fill up your petrol tank before you go out on any long rides.

Scooters / Motorbikes do run for a very long time on a small amount of gasoline.

Do not risk it. Stop and head straight to the biggest petrol outlet and fill up.

It should only be around 80 to 120 baht to fill up your tank. (Depending on your tanks size).


Thailand Fuel Prices

The fuel prices in Thailand do not change that much.

Tourist areas seem to have the most dearer prices but the price difference is no that much.

Places like Koh Samui have the highest price because of the transport cost.

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Happy Travelling!!