Thailand Hotel Booking Disasters

 We highlight some Thailand Hotel Booking Disasters and how to avoid them.

Booking a hotel seems like it should be a fairly trivial task.

You simply make a reservation, put it on your credit card and be done.

Of course sometimes there are little extra fees, package deals and so forth, but for the most part it’s all a very streamlined process.

It certainly doesn’t seem like there should be many problems that can arise from such a basic system.

Unfortunately every day citizens of the world encounter all kinds of crazy problems with their Thailand hotel reservations.

Having a Thailand Hotel Booking Disasters can put a dampener on their trip.

Knowing a Potential Problem

But knowing about these problems is one thing, doing something to avoid them is another thing altogether.

While these problems can be quite common, doing everything in your power to avoid coming across them will help make your trip go as easily as possible and provide fewer headaches than are necessary.

Doing a bit of research can go a long way, and taking a few extra steps can make a huge difference in your trip.

If it means avoiding all of these little fiascos before they ever happen, then a smooth holiday is a good thing.

Here are three hotel booking disasters, and tips on how to avoid them

Thailand Hotel Booking Disasters


Watch Out for Overbooking

First of all there’s the fairly common problem of overbooking.

This means booking your hotel through a package deal such as Expedia.

When you get all the confirmation and the charges, and then arrive to find out the room you thought you’d booked was actually already booked.

This happens because Expedia functions separately from the hotel, so if there’s ever an issue between their systems, an error in communication,

Expedia might not realise a booking has already been made but because online bookings are the way of the future, it does not happen often

This is easily avoided . Once you get your conformation email, contact the hotel directly to confirm

You will have a booking reference number, so tell them that and they will confirm.

That way you also have an email for the actual hotel stating that you have a booking.


Previous Bookings Not Mentioned

Another issue that can occur with booking is showing up and finding out the hotel you’ve planned to stay in has been occupied by large groups of people

These people aren’t always an issue, but sometimes they can turn the hotel into chaos

You can have people running around to different rooms, shouting in the hallways and so forth.

Not to mention how crowded the amenities can get when this happens, meaning you mightn’t get to use some of the luxuries you wanted.

This, again, can be avoided by asking the staff if there are any mass booking or planned events in the area when making the reservations.


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Check Before You Book Your Hotel

Construction in and around the hotel can be quite disturbing, especially since hotels continue running even as this happens.

Asking about it before confirming your reservation can save you a real headache.

This construction can start early in the morning and remain going all throughout the day.

It can be very loud and disturbs the peace you probably want while in the hotel.


If you book your hotel with us, then you get free cancellations on most hotels.

This means you can secure your hotel and then enquire about the above things.



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