Thailand Visa and Entry Information

Thailand Visa and Entry Information changes a lot.

It is always best to contact the Thai Embassy in your country or the closest country to you.

For more advanced Visas such as Working Visas and Retirement Visas, it is always best to contact your local Thai Embassy.

If you are arriving through one of Thailand’s International Airports you may enter Thailand for up to thirty days without obtaining a visa in advance.

Only some countries are entitled to this, so you need to check before you arrive.

If you are entering Thailand through a ‘land crossing” visa office, then there is a 30 day visa available for you.

The land crossing visa changes to 15 days every now and then, so always check before you do this.

It is always best to check with the current Thai Visa conditions each time you travel, as Thailand visa and entry information does change frequently.


Long Term Thailand Visas

A pre organised visa is required for longer stays or for travellers intending to work or to travel for other than tourism purposes in Thailand.

Each country has different Thailand visa and entry information arrangements, so check with your local Thai Embassy.

Be sure you organise Visa’s before entering the Kingdom of Thailand.

You will need to complete forms and pay for these visas.

You will need to visit your country’s Thai Embassy to obtain these visas.

These Thai visas cannot be obtained  while you are in Thailand.

You can also obtain some of these Thai visas at embassies in Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos.

Theese visas take at least two business days to organise, so be prepared when you go to the Thai Embassy.


Thailand Visa Conditions

To enter Thailand you also have to have at least 6 months left on your passport.

You may be permitted with less, if you are only staying for 30 days but it is a bit risky.

It would be a bad experience if you flew all the way to Thailand and was sent back home because your passport was not up to date.

If you want to apply for a Non Tourist Visa then this will have to be done before you enter Thailand; they cannot be done at the local Immigration Office.

So make sure you call your countries Thailand Embassy before you leave and make sure you obtain the proper visas and entry permits.

It is always best to have the most up to date Thailand visa and entry information


Departure Lounge at Koh Samui Airport - Koh Samui - Thailand


Thai Visa Extensions

Once you are in Thailand you can get a 7 day or 30 day extensions to your visa by visiting a Thai Immigration Office.

They are located in main tourist areas of Thailand. Click here to view the Thai Immigration Offices.

The current price is 1900 baht and is payable in Thai Baht cash only.

You need to compete an extension form, photo copy of your departure card and attach a passport photo to the application.

You also need to show where you are staying and sometimes your flight out of the country

This is available for people that have come on a 30 day visa or have organised a multiple entry tourist visa.

If you know that you are going to extend, then you can do so at anytime before the visa expires.

The new date will be from the end of your Thai visa date and not from when you go to the Immigration Offiice


Visa Runs

If you have stayed in Thailand for more than a month, then you would have heard the term “Visa Run”

This is when your visa has expired and you need to leave the country to obtain a new one.

There are many visa run companies in the main tourist areas of Thailand, so google them for your local area.

Thailand - Myanmar (Burma) Border Crossing


1 Day Thai Visa Run

The most common visa run is a 1 day trip. 

You’re picked up early in the morning in a van and are driven to the closest border to where you are staying.

You then get a departure stamp from Thailand and then walk across the border and get an arrival and departure stamp from that country.

You then walk back into Thailand and get an arrival stamp.

The visa run to Ranong – Myanmar border, you need to take a boat to the border.

Once you have your new visa stamp, you are then driven back to where you got picked up in Thailand.

This can take 18 hours, so be prepared with things to do while travelling for so such a long time.

As mentioned above, this is currently for 30 days but does change to 15 days, so always check before you go.

The visa company will let you know what documents you need.

Expect to pay up to 3000 baht, which includes visa fees. lunch and transport. (Depending on where you are leaving from).

Make sure you ask your visa run company of what is included in the price and get it in writing.

Some border places rip you off, asking for extra money to cross the border, when it should already be included.

Read more about a Visa Run from Koh Samui.



Multi Day Thai Visa Run

The multi day visa run is for people who hold Multiple Entry Tourists Visas. Business Visas or Spouse Visas.

The process is the same as above but since their visa is different, the Thai Embassy takes a day or two to process the visa.

Visa run companies organise this trip as well and organise everything for you.

All you have to do is complete the forms with all of the relevant info and hop in the mini van.

The visa company will let you know what documents you need.

Expect to pay up to 8000 baht, which includes visa fees. accommodation, some meals and transport.

Some visa companies have “All included”, some you have to pay extra on the trip for visa fees.


Thailand Holiday Tips


Organise Your Own Visa Run.

You can organise your own Visa Run by catching a bus, ferry or train to the nearest border.

Check out the Thailand and Asia Trains, Ferries, Buses, Planes Timetables and Prices

Getting around Thailand can be daunting as you are unsure where to buy the tickets or where to leave from.

You can use the below Search Box to find ways to get from different places in Thailand using all of the types of way to get there.



Visa Overstay

Do not overstay your visa as you will be issued with a large fine and your passport could be confiscated. 

It is a serious offence for your visa to run out and they do not take silly excuses as reasons of overstaying your visa.

If you think you are going to overstay your visa then contact an Immigration Office in Thailand.

They can easily extend your visa (as above).

The fine for overstaying your visa is 500 baht per day.

Depending on how long your overstay then you can expect to pay up to a maximum of 20,000 baht.

If you have overstayed your visa you may also be may be imprisoned but this is rare.

After the fines have been paid you may be deported and placed on an immigration blacklist. 

If you have overstayed a few days then you will have to pay the 500 baht per day fee and then sent on your way.


Visa Beware

Avoid getting dodgy or cheap visa extensions.

They may stamp your passport with fake or illegally obtained exit and entry stamps.

There are people that have a passport syndicate where they send passports to another country’s Thai Embassy and obtain a stamp.

This is risky and you could be ripped off and then be held up at the airport on your departure. 

Travellers with illegal stamps in their passports can be arrested and then jailed for up to 10 years.

So go through the right channels and you will not have a problem.


Visa on Arrival


If you need anymore Thailand Visa and Entry Information, please contact your closest Thai Embassy.





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