The Benefits of Dental Tourism In Thailand

Dental tourism in Thailand has taken the globe by storm as the costs of dental care go sky high in Western countries.

Tourists are no longer coming to Thailand just for leisure; they are visiting the Southeast Asian nation for a cheap dental treatment.

Each year, nearly 1.5 million patients from overseas tour Thailand to avail top quality medical care.

Thailand, tenderly labeled the Land of Smiles is where you should be if you need dental treatment.

Below we look the benefits of dental tourism in Thailand.

Dental Tourism In Thailand


Delightful Holiday

Seeking dental tourism in Thailand will give you a chance to visit some of Thailand’s top tourist spots while getting your teeth fixed.

Dental tourism in Thailand always combines dentists’ appointments with sunbathing, skydiving, sightseeing, snorkeling, shopping, etc.

Also, you will enjoy the day spa treatments, massages as well as the popular Thai food while you laze in a sunny climate.

All these things come at a considerably reduced price.



Affordable Dental Treatment

Dental work in Thailand is cheap compared to most European countries and USA.

Dental misalignment is also taken care of by well trained and experienced dentists throughout the country.

Although the advancements in dentistry have scaled new heights, the main problem that most people face is the sky high costs to avail the kinds of facilities.

Traveling to Thailand for your dental work will save you thousands of dollars.

Where a simple tooth filling may cost you $200 in the USA, the same procedure may cost you $50 in Thailand.

Denist Room


Quality Care and Service

Thailand healthcare sector is among the most advanced in Asia.

Just because you will get dental treatments at lower rates does not mean the quality of dental care in Thailand is compromised.

The government of Thailand recognises dental tourism as a tourist attraction.

It works closely with public health organizations in order to create guidelines for quality dental service delivery to all patients.


A Wide Range of Dental Treatments

Dental technologies as well as techniques used by dental clinics in Thailand are world class.

They provide a wide range of dental treatments encompassing

  1. Fillings,
  2. Teeth Whitening,
  3. Crowns,
  4. Bridges
  5. Braces
  6. Oral surgery
  7. Dental implants
  8. Dental veneers,
  9. Pediatric dentistry
  10. Orthodontics, among others.

Patients get the chance to choose from a range of trademark dental implants that have been manufactured by leading companies.

Ground-breaking dental treatments in the country include, Zygoma implants, All-on-4 fixed hybrid implants, immediate dental implants, etc.


English Speaking Dentists

Dental hospitals and clinics in Thailand are well-known for offering proper care to dental tourists.

These clinics have English speaking staff that are very keen to assist tourists in any issue that may arise during their stay.

Therefore, one of the crippling challenges that most tourists face oversea, language barrier, can be detached from the scene.

Bangkok International Dental Clinic



Thailand dental tourism is growing astoundingly.

Considering the significance of good oral care to your health, it is worth to visit the dentist and get your missing tooth replaced.

In this regard, Thailand dental treatment is the best solution to your dental issues.


So book your Thailand Accommodation with us and enjoy the “The Benefits Of Dental Tourism In Thailand“.








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About The Author
John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand. His favorite dental clinic in Bangkok is Smile Studio Saladaeng.





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