Tourist Attractions In Thailand

Tourist Attractions in Thailand – A famous play came out a long time ago called The King and I. 

This smash Broadway hit play talked about a woman who goes to a country called Siam and falls in love with the king of it. 

Because this play was so popular, everyone wanted to know all they could about the country of Siam. 

However, Siam was what the country of Thailand used to be called. 

Though no matter which name people choose to call it, Siam or Thailand, it is a beautiful location to take a trip to.

To make the vacation even more fun, here is a list of Tourist Attractions in Thailand to organise before you leave your Thailand Hotel.

Tourist Attractions In Thailand - The King and I


The Reclining Buddha

Bangkok in Thailand is the home of a gigantic golden statue of the god Buddha. 

It is located in the Phra Nakhon District in Bangkok 

This huge statue is 150 feet long and almost 50 feet tall.  

Wat Pho is where this beautiful golden statue is located within the temple.

The temple is not far from the Grand Palace, so you can see both of them on the same day.

You do not have to be religious to feel inspired and spiritual when they see this shining gold Buddha stretching out.

There are other things to see within Wat Po and the Emerald Buddha is just around the corner.

Reclining Buddha


Chiang Mai Market

Some people really love to shop while visiting a foreign country and it is one of the best Tourist Attractions In Thailand

An avid shopper will weep with joy when they see the amazing things they can buy at the famous Chang Mai night market. 

However, one should remember their negotiation skills or they may end up paying more than they should for whatever they find in this night time street mall.

Haggling is still advised when buying things in Thailand.

It is best to go to a few stores, to see what price someone is willing to sell you something at.

There are eight popular markets in Chiang Mai that are well worth a visit.

  • Warorot Market
  • Morning Market at Chiang Mai Gate
  • Satuday & Sunday Night Walking Street
  • The Night Bazaar
  • Kham Tiang Flower Market
  • JJ Market (Jing Jai)
  • Kad Rincome Fashion Market
  • Muang Mai Market


Sunday Walking Street Market in Chiang Mai




For the avid animal lover, there is nothing more exciting than seeing an elephant up close.  

However, as cool as elephants are in person and how riding one looks great, we do not endorse the riding of elephants.

Visiting Animal Shelters and Nature Parks is becoming some of the biggest Tourist Attractions In Thailand.

Even though many people have found it exciting and exhilarating to ride an elephant, they are kept in cruel conditions.

Many of them are chained up at night and elephants’ backs are not designed to carry a basket full of people.

If you want to get up close to an elephant, then there is an elephant rescue park where you can pay to help with the daily chores.

The Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai is the best around.


Elephant Nature Park


The play The King and I gave the world a taste of what life was like in a placed called Siam.

Siam later became Thailand, and millions of people visit it every year to have a good time.

Thailand offers many things for a family to do that includes visiting the sights, shopping, or visiting a huge elephant.

Thailand is considered one of the most beautiful locations on the planet, and the things to do in this country for both fun and education are endless.



Other Tourist Attractions In Thailand

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