Transferring Money To Thailand

If you are transferring money to Thailand then we have done all the hard work for you.

We have found a company that has the best rates for the lowest fees.

You of course need a Thai Bank account when you are transferring money to Thailand.

Some visas allow you to open a Thai bank account, so check with your closest Thai Embassy and ask them.

Once you have opened a Thai Bank Account, then all you have to do is sign up and then you can start transferring money to Thailand.




Best Thailand Money Exchange Rates

Getting money out of your own bank account can become very expensive if you are an expat.

Thai Bank accounts charge up to 200 Thb to withdraw money. 

Then  you have to pay transfer fees and you also get a low exchange rate.

We have chosen a company that gives the best Exchange Rates.

We looked at many ways to transfer money to Thailand and found that this company gives a better rate than cash.

Cash normally gets the best rate but this company beats it plus it is more secure.

The more money you send at one time, gives you a better rate but even if you are transferring 5000 Thb then you still get a good rate.


Thailand Exchange Rates


How To Sign Up And Get The Best Rates

Put your residence of which country your bank account is in.

Then you can see what the current exchange rate is for the amount you want to send.

The more money you send, the better rate you get.

Once you Sign Up and Log In. Go to “Transfers” – “Make an International Transfer” – Then select your currencies.

You do not have to proceed with the payment. It just shows you the “Live” Exchange Rate.

Then on the next page you can put in your amount and it will show what rate you will get for the amount you chose.

You get a good rate and low fee because you are transferring your money from your countries’ account to a Transfer Wise account and then they do the transfer.

We find you save all the Bank Fees and conversion rate fees etc and you get a better rate than the banks give you.

The Currency Converter on the Home page does not show you what rate you will get for your amount.

It just shows you what the Bank Rate is for the day.

To get a real indication you need to create an account and put in the amount you want to transfer.

The more you transfer, the  less fees you pay.


Let us know if you have any questions.




Thai Baht

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