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Wearing a Motorbike Helmet in Thailand


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Wearing a Motorbike Helmet in Thailand


Depending on which area of Thailand you are in, it is illegal to not wear a bike helmet if you are the driver. In some areas the law has changed that everyone on a motorbike must wear a helmet. In some areas, you do not see anyone wear a helmet (apart from the safety conscious) and police do not pick you up for not wearing one.

Thailand Police Checkpoint


If you are in the main business and tourist areas of Thailand, you will be fined if you do not have helmet on. The fine is not that expensive but the experience is a time waster and could put a dent in your day.
When you get pulled over the police will hand you a fine in which you have to pay at their administration centre. Of course you cannot ride your bike there until the fine is paid and if you do not have your helmet with you, you have to go get that before going back to your bike, to show proof of payment. If you also do not have a Thailand Drivers Licence or an Internationla licence then you can also be fined some extra travel money.

Police in main tourist areas normally set up road blocks at the same place, so if you are riding without a helmet (and it’s hard not too, with the wind in your hair in Thailand’s beautiful weather) make sure you have your helmet with you, so you can quickly put it on to drive through the road blocks.



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